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Study Skills, Executive Functioning, and You!

Location: New York, NY, US

Come join us at the Hallowell Center for our newest 6-week group for kids ages 11 to 14 who are interested in learning more efficient ways to study, stay organized, and manage their time inside school and out.

Led by Executive Functioning Tutor and Academic Support Specialist, Elliott Weinstein, students will get to put their new found study skills to practice right after learning them.  Sessions run on Monday afternoons from 4:30pm to 6:30pm and are structured so that the first 45 minutes focuses on learning a new study skill while the remaining time is guided by Elliott as each student works to adapt the new skills to meet their needs and learning styles.

The full 6-week package is priced at $750.00 and includes a copy of Executive Functions at Home and School: Six Skills Young Learners Need to Succeed by our own Christina Young.

To register, please contact the front desk at 212.799.7777 or info@hallowellcenter.org


Location Information:
117 West 72nd Street
Third Floor
New York, NY 10023

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Hallowell NYC
Hallowell NYC

This Event is no longer available for registration.

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CONTACT US AT  212.799.7777 or info@hallowellcenter.org

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