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Our Unique Team Approach

Dr. Hallowell believes that the human connections we make in life are what leave us feeling satisfied and secure, more than anything else. It’s all about connecting with people. People know instinctively what “connectness” is. That feeling of connectedness leads to health and achievement.

Our practitioners at the Hallowell Center all reflect Dr. Hallowell’s strengths-based and “connectedness” philosophy. They work together in close connection with their patients, and one another, to achieve the best results possible. As you will discover when you meet them, whether in person or here online, they are a group of highly-trained, caring professionals who you can connect with to help resolve the challenges you are facing.


Meet Our Staff
Office Tour
Our Unique Team Approach
Ned Hallowell, MD
Sue Hallowell, LICSW
Andrew Gilbert, MD
Shawna Newman, MD
Terri Bacow, PhD
Jen Zobel Bieber
Matt Buttigieg, PMHNP-BC
Alison Franklin, LCSW
Claire Golden, Ph. D.
William Harrison, PhD
Cheryl Jacobs, MA, PPP, LMT
Jocelyn Lichtin, PhD
Christina Nichols, PhD
Christine Robinson, M.Ed.
Paula Santa Donato, LCSW
Elliott Weinstein, MPH
Christina Young, MS.Ed, LPC
Marcia Hochman, LMSW, MPA
Jill Haber, MHC-LP
Erica Frankel
Andrea Elrom

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