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Christine Robinson, M.Ed.
Certified ADHD Coach/Educational Consultant


 Christine Robinson holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Clark University and a Master’s Degree in Education from Fitchburg State University. She is a certified ADHD Coach and is an Educational Consultant who has received training and certification from the Federation for Children with Special Needs in Boston.


As an experienced Certified ADHD Coach and Educational Consultant, Christine works to empower her clients to be their own self advocate by utilizing dynamic strategies to enhance their own self- awareness and natural strengths. Working with teens (16+) and adults, her coaching style is one that involves introspection and self- examination which follows every client uniquely down the path of discovery and change. She helps her clients realize short and long term goals, effective organization and time management techniques. Having assisted many students and executives get control of their academics and careers, we will strategize to put the best plan together to move forward with your life in a positive and proactive manner. Christine’s mission is to increase your everyday performance and productivity with strategies that minimize your ADHD symptoms. With her 18+ years in sales, management and training, Christine enjoys bringing her perspective and expertise to coach through difficult corporate downsizings, restructurings and culture shifts that could impact the client’s work experiences.

In her Educational Consulting practice, Christine specializes in college placement as well as IEP development. She finds it very rewarding to find the “right fit” school for a child or college student, to best fit their needs. She has successfully advocated and placed many children and teens nationwide. Christine’s specialty areas include ADHD, dyslexia, learning differences and Asperger’s syndrome.


The pace of life and expectations placed on today’s college student often exacerbates ADHD symptoms. College represents a transition to an autonomy that they may not be prepared for as soon as they move onto campus. Just as the adverse effects of “helicoptering” during early years has adverse effects on children, recent research shows similar negative effects of helicoptering during the college years, namely depressive symptoms and lowered self-esteem. My experience as an ADHD Coach/Educational Consultant has validated one simple variable: college students who have a history of struggling with academics, and particularly time management and organizational skills, can benefit from a coach or “cheerleader” at their side, making that journey with them as they seek autonomy and independence.

I began coaching a student attending an elite private university in the South. His parents called me the summer before his junior year reporting that he was on academic probation and that coaching, they felt, was the last hope of getting him through college. When meeting “John” I found him to be engaging, extremely bright and very socially adept. However, he described his drawbacks as being “horrible with time management and organizing his schedule.” I worked with “John” once or twice per week the whole academic year, not only with time management and organizational strategies but sorting out goals, determining internships, class schedule and choices of classes or the next academic year. I’m pleased to report that “John” achieved very respectable grades in all of his courses, is completely off of academic probation and will graduate on time next year.

In addition, to coaching, I also offer a full range of educational services including college placement and guidance in finding the “right fit” school for your prospective college student. With a detailed inventory and learning assessment process, the best school can be found for your child whether he or she is struggling with ADHD, a learning difference or executive functioning difficulties. Highlighting self-advocacy skills is often a first measure when working with any high school or college student.

For a complimentary phone consultation, please call Christine L. Robinson, M.Ed. Certified ADHD Coach/Educational Consultant at 617-842-0634 or Christine@HallowellCenter.org Skype or Facetime sessions are also available












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