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What it Feels Like to Have ADD/ADHD

Depositphotos_2577744_LMost people who have ADD don’t understand it. Although it’s a way of living that has been with us throughout history, it went unnamed until comparatively recently. Having ADD is like listening to a ball game on a radio station with a lot of static: the harder you strain to hear what’s going on, the more frustrated you get. But once in a while, a static-free interval blesses the airwaves, and you can hear the ball game clear as a bell, which allows you to focus on, and enjoy, the game. Then the static returns again.

The ADD mind is full of complexity and inconsistency. It is characterized by high mental and physical energy, coupled with extreme lassitude at times. It’s as if the “weather” in your brain is constantly changing from clear and sunny to foggy and cloudy, then back again. You worry unnecessarily about certain things, and not enough about things that warrant true worrying. Your fast-moving mind is easily distracted, alternating with an amazingly super-focused mind at certain times. You do not suffer from a deficit of attention but a wandering of attention. The goal in treating ADD is not to prevent these mental excursions, which are often of a highly creative nature, but to bring them more under voluntary control.

At The Hallowell Center, we offer a wide range of treatments that work together synergistically to help you achieve greater focus and mental clarity on a consistent basis. In dealing with the problems associated with ADD, we always employ a strengths-based approach. Positive growth begins with positive energy. When people find something they can do well, or when they find a person who believes in them, that is when they begin to develop the talents and strengths to overcome the daily challenges that come with ADD.

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